iCED for iOS 8 on the Horizon

iOS 8 Compatibility Update Available Soon

If you have upgraded to iOS 8, your current version of iCED (3.4.1) may not be functioning correctly. iCED was last updated for iOS 6 compatibility after which development went dormant but I’ve resurrected the code from its coffin, dusted it off and giving it a tune-up.

In the App world, iCED 3.4.1 can be considered old and a fair bit of work is required to bring it up to speed so that it’s compatible with iOS 7 and iOS 8. The next update will focus on stabilizing iCED to work under iOS 8 with minimal visible changes. Thereafter, you can expect to see a redesigned interface and new features.

Currently Reported Issues

  • The radical index button no longer functions on iPhone under iOS 8.
  • On iPad, some icons are not visible; other cosmetic issues.
  • Unable to restore previously purchased ABC dictionaries (fixed, server-side).

If you would like to report a, please leave a comment or send an e-mail to support at murage dot ca. The list above will be updated accordingly.

Ryan started programming at an early age of 10 and quickly chose to focus on C-based languages throughout his software development career and on iOS app development starting with the iPhone SDK released in 2008. He now specializes in iOS app development with C, C++, Objective-C and Swift as well as React and React Native app development. When he is not programming, he's usually honing his skills in human-based languages, including Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese. Born in Trinidad, W.I., his travels have taken him all over North America, Europe and Asia. He still has his eyes set on South America.


  1. vincent 4 years ago

    looking forward to it… I recently upgraded to IOS 8.0 ad impossible to download those dictionaries that have helped me so much… when do you plan a release ?

    • Author
      Ryan H. 4 years ago

      Hi Vincent. Version 3.5 with iOS 8 compatibility is on the App Store. Please note that only one edition is currently available on the App Store (“iCED Chinese Dictionary”). The Plus and ABC editions were only necessary before the days of in-app purchasing. If you have one of those editions and are having issues transferring purchases, please contact support (“support at murage dot c a”).

      As for the dictionary downloads, if you are experiencing slow downloads, your best bet is to download them on a desktop computer and side-load them via iTunes. A future version of iCED may make use of Apple’s content delivery network for better distribution of the dictionary files.

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