iCED Users: Automatic Account Migration

We’re Modernizing

Like they say, “Out with the old. In with the new.” I’ve updated the web server software that supported iCED to a new platform. This will provide better security as the web server will update itself with new security patches as they become available. This was only the first step. The website itself will be further developed to provide better support including online documentation and a support forum.

You’ve Been Migrated

You didn’t think we’d leave you behind, did ya? If you had an account on the old server, it has been migrated. Remember: your iCED account and your account on this website are one in the same. Your account keeps track of your purchases and allows you to easily restore purchases across multiple devices.  If you are unable to log in from iCED or on this website, you will need to reset your password. If you need further help, please contact support.

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