iCED Chinese-English Dictionary for iOS

A Chinese-English Dictionary with Flexible Searching Capabilities

For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad running iOS 4 or higher.

iCED Chinese/English Dictionary for iOSiCED is a unique Chinese-English dictionary for iOS and an intuitive way to use a Chinese dictionary.

You can search for Chinese characters and words by radical index, direct Chinese character input or using Hanyu Pinyin romanization.

After you’ve found the entry you were searching for, iCED will continue to search for compound or component entries to complement your search. Component entry dissection allows you to quickly understand the meaning of components in longer words or phrases. For example, if you look up 中华人民共和国, iCED will also look up 中华 and 人民共和国. You can then select the latter to break it up into 人民 and 共和国. 


  • no Internet connection required
  • uses the CC-CEDICT dictionary
  • search using English words, Chinese characters, Hanyu Pinyin and radical index
  • supports both traditional and simplified characters with an easy-toggle button
  • history list keeps track of your searches
  • word lists allow you to save your searches in categorized or themed lists for later review.
  • extensive use of Hanyu Pinyin so that you can readily pronounce words without further look-up

iCED Chinese-English Dictionary available on the App Store

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