iCED has multiple dictionaries available for download.

Free Dictionaries

  1. CC-CEDICT.  A public-domain Chinese-English dictionary. It is a collaborative community effort and provides a dictionary with over 87,000 entries, including many names of places, politicians, actors, fictional characters, all of which are seldom found in other dictionaries.
  2. CC-CEDICT English Index. An index to help you find entries in the CC-CEDICT by English words.
  3. CDICT5 漢英辭典. An English-Chinese dictionary geared towards Chinese speakers and intermediate to advanced students of the Chinese Language.
  4. CFDICT. A public-domain French-Chinese dictionary.

Download Dictionaries

These dictionaries are available for download from this site along with instructions on how to copy them from your computer to iCED on your iOS device, in case you are not able to download them from within the app itself.